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Building High Insulation Glass Film

Building High Insulation Glass Film

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Building insulation film, that is, insulation window film, as the name suggests, is used in the construction window glass on a film, mainly used to block the outdoor heat into the room, especially in the hot summer, a lot of radiation into the room, so that indoor The temperature is extremely high, affecting the normal work and life comfort, and building insulation film can be more than 90% of indoor heat blocking, played an irreplaceable role.

Building insulation film structure principle:

The main components of the polyester substrate (PET), anti-layer, plastic layer, protective film. PET has a strong durability, strong resistance to moisture, high and low temperature characteristics, so that the building insulation film has a good insulation effect.

Building insulation film Main application location:

Building exterior glass curtain wall, large windows, balcony floor to ceiling windows, landscape room.

Energy saving effect of building insulation film:

Summer, the sun's direct infrared light to carry a lot of heat, the indoor temperature increased significantly, so that the use of air-conditioning frequency and time a substantial increase in energy consumption, the use of insulation film can effectively prevent the heat into the room and play energy- Winter, the outdoor temperature is relatively low, and ordinary glass can not stop the heat outflow, only after the film can play a very good energy-saving purposes.

Price factor:

Building insulation film prices generally different, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, and "a sub-price goods", the price of different insulation effects are also different world. And blocking infrared is a high-tech, difficult technology, so in the selection do not covet the moment cheap, you want to achieve safe and comfortable life and energy saving effect, need to throw away the price factor to buy carefully.

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