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Building Energy-Saving Glass Film

Building Energy-Saving Glass Film

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Building energy-saving film , is made of special materials made of a thin film, through the paste on the glass to achieve the effect of saving energy consumption. And insulation film has the same purpose, by reducing the outdoor high temperature into the room or reduce indoor heat loss method, thereby reducing the use of indoor air conditioning or heating equipment energy consumption, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Building energy-saving film main functions:

1, insulation

Mainly in the winter effect. As the winter outdoor temperature is low, and the indoor temperature is high, ordinary glass can not stop the indoor and outdoor heat exchange, and the use of energy-saving window film can reduce the indoor heat loss, so as to achieve a good insulation effect, indirectly reduce the winter heating costs.

2, heat insulation

Mainly in the summer effect. Summer outdoor high temperature, resulting in frequent use of indoor air conditioning and other cold air equipment, energy consumption is huge. And energy-saving window film can greatly reduce the sun's heat into the room, thereby significantly reducing the cooling costs, to achieve energy-saving effect.

3, blocking the UV

UV rays are harmful, not only harmful to the human body, but also on the interior window furniture, calligraphy and painting, carpets and other injuries. Building energy-saving film can block up to 99% of the UV into the room.

4, enhance the indoor comfort

Direct sunlight led to reduced indoor work and life comfort, and will have a significant negative impact on the mental state of the people, the architectural glass film processing can effectively prevent this from happening.

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