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Building Heat Preservation Glass Film

Building Heat Preservation Glass Film

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Building heat preservation film, insulation film, glass insulation film and energy-saving film function, can also be called one of the other name.

In the winter, because the outdoor temperature is low, so the indoor temperature is easy to get outdoors. And the large number of modern buildings using glass windows, the vast majority of heat loss is done through this way, in particular, some practical floor windows of the room, to prevent the indoor temperature is too low, building insulation film and glass insulation film is even more important The.

The use of glass insulation film after the building, you can not affect any glass under the premise of light, to maintain the effect of indoor temperature. In a sense, to enhance the winter indoor comfort at the same time, to prevent the loss of heat while reducing the indoor air conditioning or other heating equipment, running time and energy consumption, which at the same time to achieve a very good energy saving effect. Especially in Beijing and other high-density cities, especially in winter air pollution, vigorously promote the use of glass insulation film is to protect the environment, energy-saving emission reduction of a reliable method.

Paste the need for building insulation film:

In the choice of this film or brush coating can achieve the same effect, but the use of glass insulation film than the use of paint more convenient, long aging, simple operation. If you use paint, it must be noted that the final insulation effect is directly related to the skill level of the selected mechanic, if the level of skilled workers can achieve the same effect with the insulation window film; if the skilled workers level is poor, the final effect and Life is bound to be greatly reduced. And the film will not exist in these areas of concern, so in the choice of time to be careful not to wait until the glass devastated again regret.

Real "cool in winter and cool":

After testing, the use of glass insulation film, not only in the winter to block the loss of heat, while the summer is still able to block the harmful light of ultraviolet light and high-calorie light infrared into the room, directly to indoor and outdoor reach more than 7 degrees temperature difference, in order to achieve real heat preservation effect.

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