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Building Safety Glass Film

Building Safety Glass Film

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Building safety films are mainly used in building regulations where safety glass is required, such as building windows and doors, curtains, bulletproof, explosion-proof places, vehicles and ships, doors and windows and glass furniture, thermal shocks such as shower, steam Room, bath, sauna, etc., a large area of glass facades, stations and banks.

Building safety film effect:


To prevent accidental flying or impact caused by broken glass on the human body or property damage. The safety film can hold the glass fragments firmly to prevent splashing.

2. Unidirectional protection

Safety film is better than bulletproof glass: not only in the light of almost no impact on the light under the premise of high-end bullet-proof glass only have the impact resistance, more unique one-way protection, that is, one-way from the outside to the indoor Shooting, and for the fight back from the room is no hindrance.


The safety film has the characteristics of resisting high temperature and prevents the damage caused by the thermal brittleness of the glass at high temperatures, delaying the softening collapse time of the glass under high temperature conditions.

4. Environmental health function

Building safety film UV blocking rate of more than 99%, so as to protect the skin from direct solar damage.

5. Anti-theft

Building safety film more than the average glass 500% hardness and 30000Psi high tensile strength, 160% high stretch, so that criminals or violent elements is not easy to break, delay its invasion time.

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