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Building Explosion-Proof Glass Film

Building Explosion-Proof Glass Film

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Building explosion-proof membrane, is used in the building glass on a film, when the film attached to the building glass can not withstand the invasion of various external forces and rupture, the adhesion of the film, the pieces can be stick together , So as to avoid the fragmentation of the debris or dumping on the human body or items harm. Therefore, the building explosion-proof membrane in the protection of personal and various special items on the safety of the popular.

Building explosion-proof membrane technology advantages:

• Raw materials - high quality, high strength, high toughness polyester material

• Patents - patented in unique design and adhesive layers, while scratch-resistant coatings

• Diversity - Precise adjustment of the structure, depending on the level of security

Explosion-proof film features and features:

• Fix the broken glass to prevent fragmentation or splashing

• Prevent malicious spoilers from making the glass have higher strength and toughness

• With scratch-resistant coating, durable

• Clear and transparent, perfect retention and meet the needs of sight, lighting and aesthetics

Building explosion-proof membrane to solve the problem:

• Prevent personal injury caused by broken glass

• To prevent typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters when the glass fragile problem

• prevent robbers from hitting windows

• Preventing glass damage caused by terrorist bombings

• Prevents tempered glass from blew

• Prevents high-rise glass curtains from falling sharply after falling

Building explosion-proof membrane identification Quartet:

A look color: high-quality building explosion-proof membrane will not fade phenomenon, so when the fade, you can determine the film is inferior film;

Second smell: smell is due to high benzene content, for the poor quality membrane; high-quality membrane smell is small or no;

Three touch feel: thickness of not less than 2mil, and feel thick and smooth will not appear any scratches for high quality membrane;

Four indicators: from the sales staff to describe the indicators can be resolved to distinguish high and low quality building explosion-proof membrane.

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