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Color Heat Insulation Energy Saving PVB Film

Color Heat Insulation Energy Saving PVB Film

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Color heat insulation energy saving PVB film

PVB insulation film used in the international leading nano-insulation media, in the traditional interlayer with explosion-proof, noise-based function to increase the insulation function.


1, infrared blocking rate of 85% -99%, permanent insulation;

2,100% UV blocking rate, sunscreen, to avoid interiors or furniture aging;

3,80% or more visible light transmittance, fully meet the car front and architectural glass light transmission requirements;

4, safety explosion-proof anti-penetration;

5, noise and noise;

6, cost-effective, permanent insulation, farewell foil, energy saving.

Application areas:

1, automotive glass; architectural glass; special materials such as functional sandwich.

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